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We are passionate stand up paddlers. Our goal is to provide exciting background informations on all aspects of the topic. To put products to the test and give you the perfect experience on the water. We're just getting started so visit us again soon.

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Things to know about Stand Up Paddling

Cover Illustration for the article about Stand Up Paddling Pilates

SUP Pilates

What we like about Stand Up Paddling is the diversity that this sport offers. Therefore, this is also a point that we would like to

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Painting of a girl doing yoga on a sup

SUP Yoga

Stand Up Paddling is first and foremost about being physically active. The fact that you are outside in nature, can clear your head and let

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Black and white picture of a woman on stand-up paddleboard in front of icebergs in the background

Stand Up Paddling In Winter

Winter paddling offers a whole range of advantages. Often you are all alone on the water and find a peace and quiet that is rare. In addition, outside in the fresh air, braving the cold is extremely invigorating.
However, the cold and weather in the off-season also places special demands on preparation and equipment. So here are a few tips on how to make your winter SUP adventure a memorable and safe one.

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Aldi SUP: Zray Fury Premium 10’6″ Review

Just like Lidl, Aldi has also jumped on the trend with a Stand Up Paddle Board. This is a modified version of the Fury Pro 10’6″ from the well-known brand Zray. In our test, we took a closer look at the SUP from Aldi, the Zray Fury Premium 10’6″.

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Aqua Marina Vapor SUP mit Zubehör

Aqua Marina Vapor 10’4” Review

The Aqua Marina Vapor 10’4″ is a classic family and beginner SUP board. As an all-round board, it has a rounded shape and wide footprint of 79 cm (31″). These two features make it ideal for beginners who want to make their first attempts at Stand Up Paddling.

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Aqua Marina Beast SUP mit Zubehör

Aqua Marina Beast 10’6” Review

For price-conscious SUP beginners and casual paddlers, the Aqua Marina Beast is definitely an interesting option. Check out our in-depth review to find out everything you can expect from this SUP and what else you need to know about the Beast.

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Set Übersicht des Retrospec Weekender Paddle Boards

Retrospec Weekender 10’ Review

The Weekender inflatable SUP we can recommend to all who want to take a leisurely round on a calm water from time to time. For a fair price you get a good quality board, which comes without big frills and is ideal for beginners.

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Bote Breeze Set Overview

BOTE Breeze Aero SUP Review

The company BOTE has an impressive product range of Stand Up Paddle Boards and accessories. In the following article we will take a closer look at the BOTE Breeze Aero 10’8″ and share our assessment of who the SUP is best suited for.

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Set overview of the Atoll 11' paddleboard

Atoll Paddle Board 11’ Review

The Atoll 11′ inflatable paddle board is one of the premium SUP boards. It has become well known by beginners and professionals. Since it was introduced, the Atoll 11’ has gone through several changes, and every version comes out ahead.

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