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Aldi SUP: Zray Fury Premium 10’6″ Review

Just like Lidl, Aldi has also jumped on the trend with a Stand Up Paddle Board. This is a modified version of the Fury Pro 10’6″ from the well-known brand Zray. In our test, we took a closer look at the SUP from Aldi, the Zray Fury Premium 10’6″.

Unfortunately, this board is no longer available at Aldi, so check out our alternatives, which we recommend in their place.

10'6" / 320cm


32" / 81cm


6" / 15cm








Field of Application:


Suitable For:


Accessories:Carrying Backpack
Fiberglass Paddle
Kayak Seat
Coiled Leash
Repair Kit
Double Stroke Pump
Prize Class:

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In terms of dimensions, the Zray Fury Premium is a classic all-rounder with a length of 320 cm (10’6″), a width of 81 cm and a height of 15 cm. However, with the tapered nose and the strong curvature in the front area (rocker), the SUP deviates strongly from a classic all-rounder shape. We will go into the concrete effects of this in more detail in the performance chapter.

Obenansicht des Aldi SUP Zray Fury 10.6

With a total volume of 285 litres and a weight of only 10.4 kg, the SUP is designed for a maximum rider weight of 140 kg. Thanks to the stiff construction, this weight is actually more or less realistically stated. So that the Aldi SUP board is also perfectly suitable for paddling in pairs.

Pro & Contra


  • Complete set with leash, paddle, pump & extras
  • Max. Rider weight of approx. 140 kg possible
  • Double-Layer Fusion construction
  • Fiberglass paddles


  • Slightly less tilt-resistant than other all-rounders
  • Accessories in part rather simply processed

Construction and processing

Unlike the Zray Fury Pro, on which the Aldi version is based, the Fury Premium has 2 separate air chambers (Double-Chamber). This increases the safety, because in the event of a defect such as a hole, still an air chamber and sufficient buoyancy is available.

The good stiffness of this double-chamber construction is further increased by a drop stitch core with double-layer fusion technology, which means that the core and the PVC cover are machine-welded and not glued. Overall, the lack of glue can save about 1-2 kg of weight, and you get as already mentioned a very good stiffness. The Fusion construction is overall a very high quality processing method and is usually used on much more expensive SUP boards.

In general, the build quality seems to be okay. On closer inspection, however, you will find some areas where adhesive residue is present and bubbles on the edges when un-inflated, but these disappear when inflated. But we have also read of reports in which these bubbles have increased after repeated use. Although, probably isolated cases, that would then be a very clear sign of poor workmanship.


Overall, the Zray Fury Premium 10’6″ is a beginner’s SUP. However, it must be said that unlike a classic all-rounder with a wide round nose, it has a rather tapered board shape. This makes the contact surface on the water smaller and the SUP overall a bit more tippy. This effect is further enhanced by the relatively strong upward curved nose. This pronounced rocker unfortunately also leads to more resistance when paddling in calm, shallow water due to the large contact surface at the nose. However, it helps to “swallow” small waves better.

Despite these limitations, the Fury SUP still offers sufficient tipping stability even for beginners and is ideally suited for leisurely short tours on calm waters and lakes.Detailansicht des Zray Fury SUP Board Tail


The standing surface is non-slip due to a deck pad with diamond structure even when wet. At the rear, the board has an edge in the footprint, a so-called kick pad, which allows the board to be turned more quickly. In addition, there are D-rings on the stand surface, to which the supplied kayak seat can be mounted.

The plug-in fin system is also used by various other manufacturers and allows the fin to be attached quickly and without tools. A large such fin, as well as two small fixed mounted, ensure a good straight running while paddling.

In addition, the board has front, middle and rear carrying handles, which facilitate transport.


The Zray Aldi SUP board comes with various accessories that leave nothing to be desired. From the paddle to the pump and backpack to the kayak seat, everything is included in the package.

The paddle is not made of aluminum as usual with other beginner SUPs, but a high-quality fiberglass paddle. With only about 800 grams, this is clearly noticeable in the weight (as well as during longer paddling tours in the upper arms 😉 ) Three-part paddle can be converted with the additional paddle blade to a kayak paddle. Because the connecting pieces have some play and can not still be fixed by a pin (anti-twist), you can see that it is not an absolute premium paddle despite fiberglass.

The pump is a simple double stroke pump, which also has a bleeding function. This means that at the end of the session, the pump can be used to pump the last bit of air out of the SUP, making it easier to roll up and stow away.

The leash is a coiled leash that connects the paddler to the SUP board. This increases safety in case of a fall into the water, because it prevents the board from drifting. The coiled leash variant lies curled together on the standing surface. This ensures, unlike a normal leash, that the line floats in the water and does not get caught in water plants and rocks.

The kayak seat still needs to be inflated before use. Overall, it’s rather basic, and it’s sufficient for loose leaning; but not really for anything more.

Pumpe, Kajaktsitz und Rucksack als Zubehör für Zray Fury

The backpack has a large main compartment, in which all the accessories with some packing skill also find place. On the side, the backpack has an additional mesh pocket, in which the paddle can be put. The material of the backpack seems rather simple. Thanks to the lightly padded shoulder straps, the carrying comfort for short transports is alright overall.


The Zray Fury Premium 10’6″ from Aldi offers a solid product in terms of the overall package. The SUP is solidly made and offers good stiffness. Especially the Double-Layer Fusion construction is to be mentioned, which is not found on boards in this price range.

Such a price is certainly made possible by the large quantity that a discounter like Aldi sells. But also the accessories can not hide that it was kept rather simple. For SUP beginners and weekend paddlers, this board is sufficient.

Especially beginners get with the purchase of a Zray Fury Premium, solid basic equipment for the start into their possibly new favorite hobby.

You can buy the board at Aldi in the online shop. But here you can find our recommended alternatives.


Freelance writer and nature enthusiast. With many of recreational paddling under her belt, she is excited to finally share her love of paddle boarding here on StandingPaddlers.

Table of contents

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