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Indiana SUP Family Pack Allround 10’6″ Review

We also took a closer look at the Allround version of the popular Indiana Family Pack. We noticed that the SUP is of the same high quality as the Family Pack Touring 11’6″ version that we also tested.

Thanks to the rounded all-rounder shape, this 10’6″ board is possibly a touch more suitable for complete beginners than the Touring variant. But more about that in our detailed test report, below.

10'6" / 320cm


32" / 81cm


6" / 15cm


9.8 kg


60-100 kg


307 l


Field of Application:


Suitable For:


Fibreglass/Composite 30% Carbon Paddel
Hyperflow Polyamid Fin
Wheelie Bag
Double Action Pump
Repair Kit
Prize Class:

(specification without guarantee)

Table of contents

In a nutshell

As already mentioned, the Indiana Family Pack is available in this 10’6″ (320 cm) allround version or as a touring board 11’6″ (350 cm) and 12′ (366 cm). 

Because the 10’6″ version is a bit shorter with a good width of 32″ (81 cm), it is ideal for SUP beginners:inside. This proportion and the round shape in the tip provides excellent tipping stability, which of course makes the first attempts on the water much easier. 

In the water it is relatively agile and easy to maneuver even for lighter paddlers or children. 

Like all SUPs from Indiana, the Allround version of the Family Pack has a completely straight underwater line. This provides good gliding properties for an all-rounder. However, for those who like to be very sporty or like to do longer tours from time to time, we rather recommend the longer 11’6″/12′ version. 

The Indiana SUP Familiy Pack Allround Board on calm water

In addition to the impeccable build quality, we like the attention to detail on the Indiana boards. Be it the paddle, which fits nicely in the hand, the Hyperflow fin, which doesn’t get tangled in the seaweed, or the backpack, which can be pulled behind with the paddle as a trolley. You can feel that Indiana is passionate about the SUP business.

If you value beginner-friendliness, good quality and an extensive scope of delivery, we can fully recommend the Indiana Family Pack Allround 10’6″.

Pros and Cons


  • excellent build quality & rigidity
  • suitable for beginners, very tilt stable
  • Many well thought-out, user-friendly details
  • high quality accessories (paddle, fin, trolley bag)


  • no leash included in the complete set

Specifications of the Indiana Family Pack 2021

The length of 10’6″ corresponds to approximately 320 cm. With a width of 32″ (81 cm) and the rather rounded outer line (shape), the board is a classic all-rounder. These characteristics ensure that the SUP is very stable in the water. This high tilt stability makes it ideal for beginners and people who have trouble with balance. 

Indiana Family Pack Allround Board on the floor

With the thickness of 6″ (15 cm), the total volume is 307 liters. Indiana specifies the rider weight from 60 -100 kg. This means that in this range you can use the ideal driving characteristics. The maximum load which other manufacturers usually specify would be much higher for the Indiana boards. 

Overall, the board comes to a weight of 9.8 kg, which in our view is a good value, considering that it is a double layer board. 

Construction and quality of the Indiana Allround SUP

The Indiana Family Pack boards are made with a “Knitted Pre-Laminated Double Layer Dropstitch” material.

The Dropstich core is the basis for all inflatable SUPs. This is thousands of polyester threads that hold the top and bottom of the board together. On top of this tightly woven core, two layers of PVC are then laminated with heat. 

This high-quality process then leads in interaction with the 2 PVC layers (double layer) to a very robust and stiff board. This means even under higher load it will not bend in the water. 

The double layer has the disadvantage that it is logically heavier than a single layer material. But thanks to the fact that the layers are laminated and not glued, the weight of the glue is saved, which then results in a respectable weight of 9.8 kg. Especially when transporting the SUP but of course also when maneuvering in the water, a lighter board weight is always an advantage. 

The quality of workmanship shows Indiana’s many years of experience and great care in manufacturing. Neither adhesive residues, bubbles or other defects we could find on our test board. 

Overall, have received a very positive impression of the board of the Family Pack line. They are produced in high quality and make a very solid and robust impression. The design of the board, which is minimalist and comes in a beautiful blue and gray, also fits this overall picture. 

Performance in the water of the Family Pack 10’6”

In the water, the Indiana Family Pack 10’6″ SUP performs as you would expect from an all-rounder. 

A good tipping stability which is supported by the large Hyperflow fin. A good maneuverability and a gliding behavior which is quite okay due to the completely flat lower waterline. All features which simplify the first attempts for SUP beginners. Also for the cozy evening round, for splashing or as a play island of the children, the Family Pack Board keeps what it promises. 

SUP beginner on the like on the Indiana Allround Family Pack Board

We tend to always go for a longer and sportier SUP. For example, we prefer the big brother of this board, the Family Pack Touring 11’6″/12′. Simply because this is after a short period of familiarization also for beginners to master but in the long run simply more potential to improve their own skills and for longer tours offers. 

However, such an all-rounder also has its raison d’être. Paddlers who still have trouble with balance or perhaps want to do yoga and fitness exercises on the water from time to time, are best served with such a SUP with high tilt stability. 

Board features and Family Pack accessories

The Family Pack 10’6″ SUP has a split fin box. This means that the attachment in which the fin is mounted consists of 2 individual parts. The advantage of this is that the SUP cover is easier to roll up and there is no risk of the fin box warping over time. 

Split finbox of the Indiana Allround Family SUP

Included in the Family Pack set is an 8.5″ polyamide fin. The innovation of this fin lies in its shape. The shape is specially designed to make the fin less tangled in the sea grass, but without neglecting the tracking.

In the Fin Box, all fins can be used with the US system. With this system, the fin is usually anchored in the box by inserting a small plate and a screw. The disadvantage is that often these small parts like to get lost. Indiana has come up with a solution for this. The parts are fixed to the fin. These fins can be mounted on all US fin box systems by turning a pin and tightening a kind of nut without tools.

The SUP stand surface is provided with a high-quality EVA pad in crocodile pattern.

The Indiana Allround 10'6" Family Pack SUP board in the water.

As with most SUPs, there is a luggage net in the front area with which you can fix, for example, a drybag. In addition, a towing eye and action cam mount with a ¼ thread is attached to the board tip.

The included paddle is a high-quality processed fiberglass paddle. Thanks to the shaft made of 100% fiberglass, it comes to a weight of just 850 g. Positive to mention is the anti-twist function which is usually not found in set paddles. This ensures that the handle is always properly aligned to the paddle blade. The blade is made of plastic and covered with a rubber edge to protect it from dragging on the bottom. 

Detail collage of the Indiana Family Pack paddle

Included is a double stroke pump. Double stroke means that air is pumped into the board both when pulling up and pushing down. If the pumping becomes more and more exhausting towards the end, a small lever can be used to switch to single-stroke operation. This makes it easy to pump the Indiana Family Pack board to the target pressure of 15 PSI. 

Airpump in the Family Pack Set

Indiana also offers an electric pump. Powered by a rechargeable battery, this takes care of the tedious pumping up all by itself. 

Also included is a high-quality backpack trolley, in which the board and all accessories can easily find their place. A cool Indiana detail is the combination with the paddle. This can be inserted and fixed to the bag, so that the paddle works as a handle, like a rolling suitcase and you can pull the SUP effortlessly behind you. 

A leash is unfortunately not included. We strongly recommend to buy one and always carry it when paddling.

Set overview of the Indiana Allround SUP

Conclusion about the Indiana Family Pack Allround SUP

During our testing, we fell a little in love with the Indiana Family Pack Boards. They are great set with high quality accessories. Personally, we would tend to the longer versions, but are aware that there are many people for whom this 10’6″ all-round board fits perfectly.


Vor über 10 Jahren stand ich das erste Mal auf einem Surfboard und dieses Gefühl vom “auf dem Wasser stehen”, hat mich seit dem nie mehr losgelassen. Am Anfang war SUP „nur“ die Alternative für Tage ohne Wellen, um trotzdem auf einem Board stehen zu können. Allerdings ist diese „nur Alternative“ mit der Zeit zu einer eigenen Leidenschaft geworden. Deshalb freue ich mich für euch hier über spannende Themen rund um diesen wunderbaren Sport schreiben zu dürfen.

Table of contents

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