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BOTE Breeze Aero SUP Review

The company BOTE has an impressive product range of Stand Up Paddle Boards and accessories. The Breeze Aero Board is the entry-level all-round SUP which is available in two different lengths (10’8″ & 11’6″). From our point of view it shares many similarities with the slightly more expensive BOTE SUP and is solidly constructed and of high quality. In the following article we will take a closer look at the BOTE Breeze Aero 10’8″ and share our assessment of who the SUP is best suited for.

10’8” / 330 cm


33” / 84 cm


6” / 15 cm


9 kg (20 lbs)


112 kg (250 lbs)




Field of Application:


Suitable For:

Einsteiger, Fortgeschrittene

Accessories:3-piece Carbon Fiber Paddle
Dual chamber, triple action pump
10’ Coiled Lease
SUP Backpack (Trolley)
Standard SUP Repair Kit
Prize Class:

(specification without guarantee)

Table of contents

Who is the Breeze Aero for? The most important in a nutshell

The BOTE SUP is a classic family and beginner board. As an all-round board, it has a rounded shape and very wide footprint of 84 cm (33″). These two features make it especially suitable for beginners. Due to the high tilt stability, it lies quietly in the water and the first attempts on a SUP board a little easier.

For paddlers with a body weight of up to 90 kg (200 lbs), the shorter 10’8″ version is sufficient. For somewhat heavier paddlers, or if you want to use the board from time to time with two people, the 11’6″ length is recommended. With a maximum load of 143 kg, this can easily carry people up to approx. 120 kg without any restrictions in the riding characteristics.

With a weight of only 9 kg (20 lbs), it is easy to maneuver, especially for children, and therefore the ideal companion for a family day at the lake. The focus of this all-round SUP is of course on leisurely rides on calm waters.

The Breeze Aero is generally a very stylish SUP with a modern design. But also the workmanship and general quality corresponds to what we expect from a renowned brand like BOTE. As a starter set, the board comes with a backpack, paddle and air pump so you can immediately start on the water.

The lightweight Bote Breeze Aero SUP



  • Beginner-friendly thanks to high tipping stability
  • without a lot of bells and whistles reduced to the most important things
  • Solid construction with light board weight
  • beautiful design


  • Leash must be purchased separately


BOTE Breeze Specification

The shorter version of the Breeze Aero has a length of 330 cm (10’8″), 84 cm (33″) width and classic thickness of 15 cm (6″). With these dimensions and a rather wide nose and tail, it is exactly what you would expect from an all-round board.

This gives it excellent tipping stability, which makes the first attempts on the water much easier, especially for beginners. But not only beginners can benefit from this feature. All those who like to practice yoga / Pilates exercises in the solitude of a lake will of course also benefit from the high stability of the Breeze SUPs.

The maximum payload of the 10’8″ version is given as 112 kg. This value is to be understood as a combination of rider weight plus payload. Somewhat larger paddlers over 90 kg body weight are recommended to use the longer 11’6″ version. This has exactly the same outer shape, width and thickness. Thanks to the fact that it is 20 cm longer, the SUP has more volume and reaches a maximum load of 143 kg.

The weight of the board is just 9 kg, which is a great value. This of course simplifies the transport, but also other handling, such as rolling up and packing the Breeze Aero.

Construction/processing quality

According to BOTE, the Breeze Aero is constructed using the company’s patented AeroULTRA technology. The tightly woven Drop Stitch core is covered with a single Fusion Composite PVC layer. Thanks to this process, a single layer SUP board is created that is extremely robust yet lightweight. Therefore, it can withstand intensive use without any problems and can be easily packed away.

The build quality is what you would expect from a premium brand like BOTE. A few years ago we used to see online comments from time to time that the finishes, the printing would peel off. This has not been the case lately, so we assume that BOTE has this problem under control.

Handling/riding characteristics of the BOTE SUPs

As mentioned earlier, the first thing you notice about the BOTE Aero Breeze is how calm it is in the water. Thanks to the good volume and shape, it is an ideal platform for learning, so that even beginners can have fun on the water immediately. This is absolutely the most important factor. If you fall off the SUP all the time, you can never have the fun to gain your first experiences with the necessary motivation. From that point of view, the two Breeze (10’6″ & 11’8″) are the ideal companions for beginners.

In terms of speed, you will never reach top speeds with the Breeze, but that is not the goal of an all-round SUP. Nevertheless, it has a nice glide and the straight running is also fun for slightly longer distances.

Breeze Aero SUP with a dog

Breeze Aero Board Features

The equipment of these Breeze boards is reduced to the minimum. Sure you could consider this a disadvantage, but we personally find that not bad. Because whether 30 things and 10 different action cam mount a SUP really “better” make, about that can be argued. The BOTE Breeze boards have everything it really needs and that’s enough.

Deckpad: So that you have a secure grip even with wet feet, the standing surface is covered with a non-slip EVA pad. This gives you a good stand and you can paddle with full power.

Luggage net: In the front area is an elastic band to which you can fix any equipment on the SUP. This is attached to 6 different D-rings, to which you could also attach your own equipment if necessary.

Carrying handle: The Breeze Board has three carrying handles. Classically in the middle and one each at the tip and tail. This makes it easy to launch and carry two people.

Side fins: On the underside of the board there are two smaller, fixed side fins. These provide a slightly better straight line. However, we are not big fans of these fixed fins. The added value is not too great, they tend to bend in the heat and the SUP can not be rolled up completely compact.

TravelLink: D-rings are placed on the sides for BOTE’s own “SUP Carry System”. A strap can be attached to this so that even smaller paddlers (who sometimes have trouble reaching the carry handle in the middle of the SUP) can carry the board comfortably over their shoulders.

Accessories in the BOTE starter set

Double stroke air pump: With an inflatable SUP board, the air pump is of course one of the most important accessories. That’s why it’s logical that a beginner SUP like the Breeze comes with one.

Paddle: BOTE supplies a simple 3 piece adjustable paddle with this kit. Like many of these aluminum kit paddles, it tends to be on the heavier side, but it will easily suffice for beginners. Thanks to the plastic blade, it’s not too sensitive to bumps/scratches and will stand up to some non-squeamish use.

Single fin: The single center fin is easily mounted without tools via the plug-in system. The large dolphin-shaped fin ensures that the board runs straight ahead and does not just float around in the water.

Transport backpack: BOTE delivers a solid backpack with this kit. The backpack straps and rear backpad are nice and comfortable. Especially considering that the board is relatively light, you can easily go a longer distance with this backpack. The material seems generally very robust and the spacious main compartment offers enough space for all the equipment.

Repair Kit: In the repair kit you will find a few PVC patches and a valve wrench.

Our recommendation for you

For beginners who are looking for a high quality SUP without big bells and whistles, the BOTE Breeze Aero is ideal. A beautiful design, good build quality and the high-quality accessory package, actually leave nothing to be desired.


Freelance writer and nature enthusiast. With many of recreational paddling under her belt, she is excited to finally share her love of paddle boarding here on StandingPaddlers.

Table of contents

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